In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 并被佛罗里达州州长视为“重要业务”, we want to assure you, our loyal customers, that Pro Movers Miami has, and always will,把我们的团队和客户的安全放在首位. 我们致力于遵循卫生和清洁方面的所有最佳实践和指导方针, 我们正在采取一切必要的预防措施为您服务. To that end, 正在尽一切可能采取广泛措施,遏制这一病毒的传播, 同时仍然安全高效的为您提供一流的服务, 五星搬家体验,你已经期待我们. 以下是我们已经实施并将继续实施的一些积极措施:

  • All estimates are being provided over the phone, virtually, on-line or via email until further notice.
  • 为我们的客户和工作人员进行搬家前的健康检查, 如果你感到不适或怀疑接触了病毒,我们会要求所有人向我们提供建议. 对于我们的搬家工人来说,他们必须呆在家里, and for our customers, moving services can be rescheduled, postponed or cancelled to mitigate risk, should that be necessary.
  • Our crews are equipped with gloves, 用于保护你的消毒喷雾/湿巾和洗手液.
  • We have put into effect social distancing measures, 尽管我们一直很重视专业精神和尊重,这种精神伴随着良好的介绍性握手和临别时的感谢, 为了每个人的安全和福祉,我们请求你们的理解, there’ll be no handshake or touching of any kind.
  • Upon arrival, our crew will still introduce themselves, 在家里散步时保持适当的社交距离, 开始用所有的防护措施来保护房子,比如地板跑线, and door jams (as they always do), 但除此之外,我们现在要求你(恕我直言), 请给他们适当的空间,他们需要安全和有效地服务你的移动,并让他们的工作空间.
  • When available and appropriate, 打开门窗,增加空气流通和通风.
  • 我们还采取措施对卡车的驾驶室和箱子进行消毒, as well as all blankets, pads, 工具和设备在每次移动后,以减少任何交叉污染的风险.
  • 我们希望和期望你们会采取我们正在采取的预防措施, 在我们到达之前,这也会对所有暴露在外的表面和家具进行消毒和擦拭. 只要你能做的能让我们的工作环境安全和卫生, is equally appreciated.
  • 业主/办公室工作人员将在家里24小时工作,通过电话完全访问我们的团队和客户, email and text.

再次感谢您选择Pro Movers Miami,为您服务是我们真诚的荣幸. Our Promise to you, and no matter what circumstances, 是否继续提供客户所依赖的五星级搬家服务. Should you need to reach us directly, please feel free, Text is always the quickest, and we are literally her for you 24/7.

Thank you, be well and stay healthy!


如果你打算在短时间内搬到一个新地方,一定要做好准备. 搬到一个顶级的地点意味着你必须了解那个地方的一切,不能错过任何一个获得充分信息的机会. 因此,我们觉得我们有责任通知你你搬到珊瑚泉的豪宅了. After all, Pro Movers Miami is there to help you move with ease. Make sure you stay with us to learn more about this.

Moving to Coral Springs

如果你选择搬到珊瑚泉,你一定会喜欢那里. 不仅经济蓬勃发展,生活质量也相当惊人. 即使你选择搬到珊瑚泉的豪华住宅,你也会看到这一点, you will save a lot of money overall. There are so many positive things about this place. Above all, 它被评为佛罗里达州最宜居的三个城市之一.

Home with a luxury pool

When it comes to the weather, 每年你将享受超过200天的阳光. 那一定是你很期待的事情. Therefore, to ensure you move easily and quickly, contact Coral Springs moving company. 这将使你更快地到达你梦想的家.


无论你要搬到什么豪华的地方或家里,你都应该先处理好一些事情. 这将确保你的行动,让你为任何场合做好准备. Here is what we mean by that:

  1. 把你所带的东西列个清单
  2. Get to know the location first
  3. Contact our local movers Florida to help you move with ease
  4. Install a quality security system in your new home

选择搬进豪华住宅可能是一个挑战. Hence, 你应该聘请专业人士来帮助你,并确保始终遵循专家的建议.


没有什么是你不知道的. When you move to a luxury home in Coral Springs, 你应该准备得像你要搬到其他地方一样. However, 你应该注意一些细节,比如报警系统, the neighborhood, and your surroundings overall. If you’re settling in a new city, you could pay attention to these things. After you relocate, 你会发现你会多么喜欢住在珊瑚泉. Whether you’re moving locally or long distance, 佛罗里达一定会让你的生活变得更好.

Luxury house by the sea
Enjoy your life in this beautiful city.

Get ready to enjoy your new life

搬到珊瑚泉的豪华住宅后,你终于可以放松一下了. Get to know the life in Coral Springs with your family. 参加一些有趣的周末旅行,享受在一起的时光. 毕竟,你要搬到全佛罗里达最适合居住的地方之一. Good luck!